Kristen Walker, DVM, MBA


Education: Coloado State University

Hometown: Rowlett, TX

Dr Kristen Walker, MBA is welcomed to The Downing Center as an associate veterinarian.

Dr. Kristen grew up near Dallas, TX, and received her Bachelor degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. She moved to Las Vegas, NV, where her first career was in commercial real estate lending and mortgage banking. She also received her Master of Business Administration while living in Las Vegas.

In her free time, she volunteered with dog rescues, mostly working to rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues and placing them in loving homes. It was after losing her first Basset hound to lymphoma that her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian resurfaced and took her in a new direction. Dr. Kristen and her husband Mike moved to Boston, MA, where she completed prerequisite courses to apply to veterinary school, while also volunteering with rescue and shelter groups and working as a veterinary technician. They moved to Fort Collins, CO, when she was accepted to CSU vet school, and Dr. Kristen spent free time shadowing with Dr. Robin at Windsor Veterinary Clinic.

Her family includes her husband, two Basset hounds, a Rat terrier, an AmStaff mix, a Drever (Swedish scent hound), and three cats (Snoop Dogg, Dopey, Rocky, Frankie, Sully, Gracie Lou, Black Betty, Smitten)

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